The Principals,teachers and students of Damphu LSS, Tsirang, would like to offer our heartfelt felicitations and sincere prayers to the Royal Couple on this joyous and auspicious occasion of Royal Wedding.

We pledge our dedicated service to the cause of our Children, so that we contribute towards fulfilling the noble aspirations of your Majesty.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Royal Wedding

In the state of Kham in ancient time,
Just as the powerful King Khesar
Came north to the land of the dragon
Jetsun Pema too, came
From the land of the glorious Palden Drukpa.

The Son and Daughter
Of Palden Drukpa became one,
May our Royal Couple be good!
May their love and affection thrive and flourish
May the peaceful sun and happiness shine on all the people!

May our Royal Couple live long without any sickness
May there be peace and prosperity
May their relationship last long for generations
And the source of peace and happiness flourish.

Kinzang Dorji
Class VII/C
Damphu LSS

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