The Principals,teachers and students of Damphu LSS, Tsirang, would like to offer our heartfelt felicitations and sincere prayers to the Royal Couple on this joyous and auspicious occasion of Royal Wedding.

We pledge our dedicated service to the cause of our Children, so that we contribute towards fulfilling the noble aspirations of your Majesty.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Royal Wedding Wishes

Wow! What a jovial moment
In the historic era of Bhutan
And in the whole world and universe
In the heart and mind of one and all
Signifying unity and love in our nation
Oh! My Great Lord
You are flawless Prince Charming
Sowing seeds of ecstasy in every heart
I am too blessed to have an inspiring leader
Every single act of yours is blissful and zestful
To every existing souls in the Drukyul
Ah! My lovely Queen
You are resemblance of Jetsun Dolma
Purely attractive and God gifted
Prophesized God mother of every citizen
Perfect Fairy Queen of Druk Gyalpo
Descended in the land of Thunder Dragon
Your Majesty and Queen!
I am overwhelmed with your sacred union
I send all my best wishes for Royal Wedding
For a complete life full of fun and love and laughter
Let joy meet all sentient beings of the globe

Wishes from Kuenzang Pemo, 
Teacher Damphu LSS ,

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